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Pain from mastication can be experienced as a discomfort about the face and mouth induced by function and parafunction of the jaws. Masticatory pain has its source in the temporomandibular joints (TMJs) and/or masticatory muscles, and is therefore, directly related to masticatory functions.The main symptom of the myofascial pain dysfunction (MPD) syndrome is a unilateral dull ache of myofascial origin arising from the so- called myofascial trigger zone, located within a muscle or its tendinous at- tachments.This paper intends to report the management of two cases of idi- opathic facial pains such as TMJ or MPD syndromes, with an added objective of portraying as clearly as possible, the clinical setting that can provide a better foundation for the diagnosis and treatment of this syndrome.The etiological factors that elicited this so-called "facial pain" for the two TMJ patients were: occlusal disharmony, excessive emotional stress and trauma from dental work. The combination of conservative treatments was used for the duration of treatment with a high success rate.



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