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The total of 495 cases (300 females and 195 males) of a representative sample from the treatment files of Faculty of Dentistry Chulalongkorn University were reviewed. The congenitally absence of thir molars were recorded from the orthopantomogram. The average age of the patien was 15.7 years which taken between the ages of 12 and 22 years. All of the cases studied, 32.8% had occured in male and 31.66% occured in female. There was no significant difference between the sexes, or between left and right side with respect to congenitally missing third molars (p>0.05). The number of missing third molars in maxillar was higher than in mandible (p<0.05). The most prevalence of third molars agenesis was two missing. There was no statistically significant revealed in case of unilateral and bilateral missing (p>0.05).



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