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Background/Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the microtensile bond strength (MTBS) of three zirconia ceramics from different manufacturers bonded to resin composite using three different resin cements. Materials and methods: Three fully-sintered zirconia ceramic blocks (5x5x10 mm) from Katana (Nuvodent, Japan), Lava (3M ESPE, Germany) and Cercon (Degudent, Germany) were fabricated and bonded to resin composite blocks (Filtek Z250, 3M ESPE, USA) with the same size using one of the three resin cements : Panavia F 2.0 (Kuraray, USA), Superbond C&B (Sun Medical, Japan) and RelyX Unicem (3M ESPE, USA). After 24 h, each block was cut under water coolant to produce microbar specimens, with bonding area 1 ± 0.1 mm2 . The MTBS was tested with universal testing machine at a crosshead speed of 0.5 mm/min. The interface failures were examined using a scanning electron microscope. Two-way ANOVA and Tukeyûs tests were analyzed at 95% confidential interval. Results: The MTBS value range from 43.3 - 53.9 N/mm2 . Lava/Superbond showed the highest value, while Cercon/Panavia showed the lowest value. Statistical analysis showed that types of zirconium-oxide ceramic (P=0.043) and types of resin cement (P=0.047) had an effect on MTBS, while the interaction between zirconia ceramic and types of resin cement (P=0.056) was not significant. Panavia F 2.0 and RelyX Unicem demonstrated resin cement cohesive failure. Superbond C&B showed mixed of adhesive and cohesive failure. No adhesive failure was observed. Conclusion: The MTBS of zirconia ceramic bond to composite using resin cement depended on brands of zirconia and types of resin cement.



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