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Background/objective: One of the most common complication in orthognathic surgery is inferior alveolar nerve injury, resulting in sensory impairment that affects patientûs daily life. Many studies reported the potential of vitamin B on nerve regeneration. No clinical study showed the effect of vitamin B1-6-12 on the quality of life. Therefore, we aim to evaluate the effect of vitamin B on oral health related quality of life in post-orthognathic surgical nerve injury. Materials and methods: A prospective, randomized, double blinded trial study were performed in thirty two patients who had undergone mandibular orthognathic surgery with Bilateral Sagittal Split Osteotomy procedure were enrolled in this study. Patients who developed inferior alveolar nerve dysfunction after surgery (Global sensitivity score less than 12) were randomly divided into 2 groups; eighteen patients took vitamin B1 300 mg, vitamin B6 15 mg and vitamin B12 165 μg per day as prescribed after surgery and the others (fourteen patients) were controlled group without vitamin B prescription). The quality of life were evaluated using condition specific OIDP or CS-OIDP with neurosensory disturbance as specific problem. Results: OIDP scores were calculated into percentage of improvement using score at 1 week as baseline. At 3 and 6 months after surgery, the percentage of improvement of CS-OIDP score related to sensory impairment was significantly higher in vitamin B1-6-12 group (82.38% and 86.5% respectively) compared to control group (35.33% and 3.45% respectively). Conclusion: Vitamin B1-6-12 improved quality of life in patients with sensory impairment of inferior alveolar nerve after mandibular orthognathic surgery.



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