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Objective To evaluate the allergic reaction of skin and oral mucosa to acemannan orabase in a shortterm observation. Materials and methods Forty-eight healthy subjects (24 females and 24 males) participated in this study. The closed patch test was used to observe and compare the skin reaction after exposure to 0.5% acemannan orabase and plain orabase (gelatin, pectin, carboxymethylcelluose sodium, liquid paraffin, and polyethylene glycol) for 48 and 72 hours. For the oral mucosal reaction, the repeated oral application test was performed. The participants were instructed to apply the 0.5% acemannan orabase onto their lower labial mucosa 3 times per day after meals for 7 consecutive days. The area was interpreted according to the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group. The data were collected and the tissue reaction was described. Results Neither dermal reaction nor oral mucosal reaction to acemannan orabase were detected after 3 and 7 days of application, respectively. Conclusion Acemannan orabase did not cause allergy to the skin and oral mucosa in a short term observation.



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