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Objectives: Compare the push-out bond strength of a dual-cured core build-up resin composite and dual-cured resin cement using total-etch adhesive for bonding fiber post to root canal dentin. Materials and Methods: Sixty extracted single-rooted human premolars were sectioned transversely in mesiodistal direction 2 mm coronal to cementoenamel junction, standard endodontically treated, post space prepared and randomly divided into two groups (n=30). Group 1 fiber posts were luted with a total-etch resin cement (Variolink® II) and group 2 were luted with a composite resin core build-up material (Luxacore® Z-Dual) using total-etch adhesive system. All roots were cut transversely into 3 sections (coronal (L1), middle (L3) and apical (L5)) with 1 mm thicknessin each section. The push-out test was performed at a speed of 0.5 mm/min. Failure modes were evaluated using a scanning electron microscope (65x). The data were analyzed using ANOVA and post hoc Tukeyûs test (p < 0.05). Results: In 3 root canal regions, the mean push-out bond strength of Luxacore® Z-Dual showed significantly higher bond strength than Variolink® II (p < 0.05). Means push out bond strength of both Luxacore® Z-Dual and Variolink® II at cervical region were higher than those of middle and apical regions (p < 0.05). The analysis of failure modes revealed that most of the failures were adhesive failure. Conclusion: Regional push-out bond strength of Luxacore® Z-Dual resulted in significantly higher bond strength than Variolink®II and this method could be considered as an alternative technique to luted fiber post within root canal.



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