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Objectives Limited information is available on prosthodontic postgraduate studentsû views regarding complete denture education. This study aimed to investigate the opinions and experiences of Thai prosthodontic postgraduate students toward complete denture laboratory practice. Materials and methods A self-administered questionnaire was mailed to all dentists who currently enrolled in prosthodontic postgraduate programs in Thailand during the academic year 2012. The questionnaire consisted of close-and open-ended questions on opinions and experiences related to laboratory work in complete denture fabrication. Results The response rate was 95 percent. Majority indicated that, among all laboratory procedures, posterior teeth arrangement was the most difficult (82%), most time-consuming (93%), and most needing an aiding device (81%). Eighty-one percent of those who indicated this step as the most difficult to perform specified that there were challenges in establishing the appropriate occlusal scheme. More than half (54%) of those who marked this step as most needing an aiding device gave the reasons that posterior teeth arrangement had several critical steps, and it requires more skill. The respondents who indicated posterior teeth setting as the most time-consuming (93.2%) spent on average 16.7 ± 14.8 hours (mean ± SD) on this step (range 1.5-63 hours). Conclusions Posterior teeth setup appears to be the most difficult step which directly corresponds with the three most common errors. The negative opinions of students toward this step indicate the aspects of complete denture training that need improvement. Novel teaching techniques should be developed to reduce common errors as well as save the time for teeth arrangement.



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