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Objective The present study aimed to investigate the influence of mechanical stress on Notch signaling component expression by human deciduous dental pulp cells. Materials and Methods Cells were isolated from human deciduous teeth. The mechanical stress was applied to cell culture using a computerized cell compressive force loading apparatus. Cell viability was evaluated using MTT assay. The mRNA expression of selected Notch signaling components was determined using quantitative real-time PCR. Results A computerized cell compressive mechanical stress did not influence cell viability. After mechanical stress treatment for 2 h, the NOTCH1, JAG1, and HEY1 mRNA levels were upregulated. However, the significantly statistical difference was noted only for NOTCH1 mRNA expression. Conclusion A computerized cell compressive mechanical stress enhanced NOTCH1 mRNA expression by hDDP cells. The role of mechanical stress-induced Notch signaling in hDDP cellsû behavior is needed further investigation.



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