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Objective To present an alternative treatment method using a minimally invasive approach employing ceramic veneers to mask staining of moderately tetracycline-stained teeth. Materials and methods A 39-year-old Thai female patient had a moderate type tetracycline-staining of both upper and lower anterior teeth, and 11 and 21 were fractured. A resin composite veneer had been placed on 14. The patient presented with a high smile line and an unsymmetrical gingival balance. Her oral hygiene was good and the gingival tissue was healthy. The treatment plan to create a harmonious gingival balance for 11, 12, and 13 was an esthetic crown lengthening. A gingivectomy was planned for the gingival of 23. After complete healing of gingiva, ceramic veneers were placed on 14 through 24 and 34 through 44 using IPS Empress Esthetic ceramic system. Results The patient was satisfied with the outcome. The IPS Empress Esthetic ceramic veneers completely masked the underlying discolored teeth. The final shade was A1 as the patient desired. The appearance of the teeth and gingival balance were improved. The function and occlusion of the restorations were good. One year recall showed good condition of both the veneers and the periodontal tissues. Conclusion This case report showed that the IPS Empress Esthetic ceramic veneers could mask the underlying moderately tetracycline-stained teeth completely and provided a good esthetic outcome to the patient. Nevertheless, the proper management of this case involving the anterior esthetic zone which required meticulous step-by-step treatment planning.



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