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Objective To describe surgical and restorative procedures of immediate implant placement together with guided bone regeneration in the esthetic zone. Materials and methods A Thai female was presented with an unrestorable loosening post and crown of maxillary right central incisor. The post was removed, and the root was submerged for 7 weeks in order to obtain optimal soft tissue healing before implantation. The implant was placed immediately after extraction and guided bone regeneration (GBR) was performed to correct the fenestration and dehiscence at the labial and palatal aspects. The interim restoration was immediately delivered. The provisional crown was inserted 7 months after implant placement. The final restoration was a screw retained all ceramic crowns on zirconium abutment. Results At 15 months after loading, the treatment showed satisfactory results both clinically and radiographically. The final restoration blended naturally with surroundings. The periapical radiograph confirmed the complication-free and integration of the implant. Conclusion Careful treatment planning including management of soft tissue, atraumatic tooth extraction, three dimensional implant positioning, contouring ridge augmentation, interim restoration, provisional and final restoration are imperative to achieve a successful result with an implant placed in the esthetic zone.



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