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Objective This case report describes the esthetic treatment of mildly crowded maxillary anterior teeth using a removable orthodontic appliance, bleaching, composite resin and porcelain veneer to maximize the treatment results. Materials and methods A 28-year-old male with minor crowding of the maxillary anterior teeth wanted his teeth to look straight and unnatural extremely white color. A treatment plan was developed with the priority being orthodontic treatment to move teeth into alignment. Then the patientûs expectations were adjusted based on information from the team dentists. By the end of whitening treatment, the patient was satisfied with the whiteness of his teeth even though they were not extreme whiteness. The maxillary right lateral incisor, which was slightly rotated after orthodontic treatment, was minimally prepared for porcelain veneer. Results Adjunctive orthodontic treatment with a removable appliance helped minimize the amount of enamel and dentine loss and decrease the number of teeth needed to undergo veneer work. Bleaching gave the patient natural white teeth to meet his modified expectations. Conclusion This treatment method is capable of preserving a significant amount of enamel and dentine for the patient and achieving an aesthetically pleasing alignment of teeth with natural white color.



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