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Objective To investigate the prevalence and risk factors, both prosthesis and microbiological, associated with different types of denture stomatitis in Thai patients. Materials and methods Thai patients with upper removable denture (n = 137) were evaluated for the prevalence of and risk factors associated with denture stomatitis by questionnaire, oral and dental prosthesis examination. Palatal mucosa and denture fitting surfaces were swabbed for yeast carriage investigation. Candida species were primarily identified by colony color on chromogenic Candida agar, and their identity confirmed by colony, microscopic cell morphology, and biochemistry tests. Results The prevalence of denture stomatitis was 52.56%, sub-classified as erythematous type (38.69%), and papillary hyperplasia (13.87%). Poor denture quality was strongly associated with the presence of denture stomatitis, while a noctural denture wear was more weakly related to the prevalence of this disease. In about 61% and 80% of denture stomatitis subjects, Candida were detected on palatal mucosa and on denture bases, respectively. Larger numbers of Candida colonies were isolated from denture stomatitis patients than from healthy subjects. However, the distribution of yeast species was not associated with the presence of denture stomatitis. No correlation between types of denture stomatitis and either prosthesis factors or Candida infection was found. Conclusion Results confirmed significant associations between denture stomatitis, denture quality and quantity of yeast infection. However, neither prosthesis factors nor Candida infection were associated with the different types of denture stomatitis.



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