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Spacing in the esthetic area results in an unconfident smile. To solve this problem, many alternative treatments can be used with multidisciplinary knowledge: for example, orthodontic treatment and restorative treatment. The treatment plan should be performed under conservative consideration, while the esthetic outcome should persist in the long term. Instead of using only restorative treatment to close several spaces, minor tooth movement before restorative procedures may achieve a preferable result since the teeth can be realigned to the proper position; it also requires less tooth structure preparation. This case report demonstrated the use of a removable orthodontic appliance to distribute the anterior space before restoring the bilateral peg-shaped lateral incisors with porcelain laminate veneers to close all the spaces in the maxillary anterior area. This resulted in a natural appearance with healthy gingival tissue during the 8-month follow-up period. This treatment principle can be applied for use in other small spacing cases.



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