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Objective This case report showed the alternative management of anterior spacing by the use of orthodontic elastomeric ligatures to redistribute the spaces at the maxillary anterior teeth of one patient and followed by closing all the spaces between teeth with composite resin restoration. Materials and methods A 23-year-old female presented with spacing in the maxillary anterior teeth. The teeth were located in a position which might not be suitable for achieving a restoration with good proportion. After evaluating the patientûs dentition with the recurring esthetic dental (RED) proportion, it was concluded that minor tooth movement was needed by moving the lateral incisors distally to increase the space between the central incisors and lateral incisors; this would allow the addition of composite resin on the distal of maxillary anterior teeth. In order to achieve these goals and the desired proportions, orthodontic elastomeric ligatures were used for tooth separation and to subsequently distribute space between the maxillary teeth. The separating procedure was considered complete when adequate space had been obtained. Results Composite resin was used to close all the spaces and recreate the anterior teeth esthetically following the RED proportion. Conclusion Management of anterior spacing by using orthodontic elastomeric ligatures combined with composite resin is an easy and simple procedure that can be used by a general dentist. Nevertheless, case selection is crucial for the technique.



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