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Objective The purpose of this study was to investigate factors associated with turnover intention of Thai dentists. Materials and methods A mailed survey was conducted on a systematic random sample of 2,723 Thai dentists, 733 of which returned completed questionnaires. Turnover intention was assessed by dentistsû intenion to change job or have a career break within 5 years. Demographic, economic, practice characteristic and psychosocial work environment factors were used to build three logistic models for the public and private sectors, as well as for the overall sample. Results Overall, 41.5% of dentists reported turnover intention-55.6% for public dentists and 21.5% for private dentists. For the overall sample, a logistic regression model identified five factors: age, practice sector, job stress, job satisfaction and income. The model for public dentists included age, job stress, job satisfaction and specialization, while the private model contained age, job stress, job satisfaction and income. Conclusion Different factors were found to affect turnover intention in public and private sectors.



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