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Objectives To investigate knowledge, skill and attitude in dental public health required for dental graduates. To assess those knowledge, skill and attitude among Chulalongkorn dental graduates (years 2003-2005) and compare levels of knowledge, skill and attitude between graduates with different characteristics. Methods A cross-sectional study using Delphi technique. Questionnaires were sent twice (openended and 4-rating scale) to 22 experts in dental public health practice. Item weights were calculated. A questionnaire of 5-rating scale was sent to 280 Chulalongkorn graduates. Data relating to personal characteristic were also collected, and compared to levels of knowledge, skill and attitude. Results Knowledge, skill and attitude in dental public health consisted of 46 items in 36 areas. Item weights ranged from 1.43-2.62 (maximum = 3). A maximum score of 100 was made up of 34.7 scores of knowledge, 37.4 scores of attitude and 27.9 scores of practice. Chulalongkorn graduates had an average total score of 54.7%, among which attitude score was at the highest while knowledge score was at the lowest. Graduates who attained better grades in community dentistry subjects in the 5th and 6th years, joined more extra-curricular activities, participated in rural activities, contributed to social development, had better attitude towards community-based dental practice were more likely to have better knowledge, attitude and skill. Conclusions Forty-six items within 36 areas of knowledge, skill and attitude in dental public health were required for dental graduates. Chulalongkorn graduates acquired an average score of 54.7%, highest for attitude and lowest for knowledge. Graduates who had attitude and contributed to social development and those who acquired better grades in community dentistry subjects in the 5th and 6th years tended to have higher scores.



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