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Objective This study aims to determine the prevalence of dens evaginatus and apical periodontitis in dens evaginatus in a group of Thai schoolchildren. Materials and methods In carrying out the study, a total number of 9,279 schoolchildren, aged between 9-18, from 18 schools in Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province were examined, preliminary at their schools. Those found to have dens evaginatus were brought to the Dental Section, Paholpolpayuhasena Hospital to be reexamined and to undergo periapical radiograph on each dens evaginatus. Apical periodontitis was then diagnosed by using Periapical Index Score. Data was analyzed statistically by Chi-square test at α = 0.05. Results Three hundred out of 9,279 schoolchildren, or 3.2 percent, were found to have at least one dens evaginatus tooth. Statistically, there appeared no significant difference in the findings between male and female (p > 0.05). Five hundred and nineteen out of 549 dens evaginatus (283 of 300 schoolchildren) were permitted to undergo periapical radiographs, from which 33.1 percent exhibited apical periodontitis. While the difference between gender was not significant (p > 0.05), the difference among age group was found to be significant (p < 0.05). Schoolchildren aged between 9-10 had the lowest frequency of apical periodontitis. Conclusion As the study revealed the prevalence of dens evaginatus in 3.2% of cases and 33.1% apical periodontitis found in dens evaginatus, the clinicians should recognize dens evaginatus after it has erupted in the oral cavity and observe the affected teeth in a timely manner. In necessary cases, preventive or prophylactic treatment should be performed to avoid pathological conditions.



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