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Verruciform xanthoma is a rare, benign entity which preferentially affects the oral mucosa than any other tissue. The most frequent site of involvement is the gingiva. It affects mostly the middleaged person with a predilection for male gender. Clinically, verruciform xanthoma appears as papillary or verrucous, flat or slightly raised lesions. Aggregates of lipid-laden foam cells confined to the connective tissue papillae between epithelial rete ridges in association with papillary or verrucous epithelial hyperplasia are the histolopathologic hallmark of this lesion. These foam cells are actually of macrophage/monocyte lineage. The histopathological distinction of verruciform xanthoma from other lesions, which it may clinically resembles, is straightforward. This review article also present the proposed etiology as well as the differential diagnoses.



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