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Thirty six cases of giant cell fibroma of the oral cavity in Thai patients were clinico-pathologically analyzed. The results showed that giant celll fibroma occurred in all age groups with the predilection for the third decade of life. No significant sex predilection of occurrence was noted. Clinically, the lesions presented as sessile or pedunculated masses with either smooth or papillary surface. Most of the lesions were under 10 mm in diameter. The most common location was the gingiva. Microscopically, the lesion was composed of large stellate-shaped mononuclear and multinuclear cells in a highly vascularized loose connective tissue. From this study, it appeared that the giant cell fibroma in Thai population possessed similar clinical and histopathologic features as those reported in the literature except in age and gender of the patient and in the frequency of giant cell fibroma in fibrous lesions.



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