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Inhibition of the setting of putty poly(vinyl siloxane) impression materials has been reported when using latex gloves. The mechanism is from the free sulfur and its derivatives remained in the gloves reacted with chloroplatinic acid catalyst in the impression materials. This study was to evaluate the effect of gamma-ray and sulfur vulcanized latex gloves on the setting of 5 poly(vinyl siloxane) impression materials (Express, President, Elite, Provil, and Extrude). All putty impression materials were hand mixed without gloves, and with different types of latex gloves. The degree of setting of tested impression materials were investigated after setting with using a cement spatula at 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes, and 1 hour after being mixed. The criteria for complete setting procedure was when the spatula was unable to make a permanent indentation in the impression. The result revealed that the gamma-ray vulcanized gloves did not inhibit the setting of these impressions, but the sulfur vulcanized gloves inhibited this setting. The gamma-ray vulcanized gloves, therefore, is recommended to overcome this problem.



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