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Eight biopsy specimens were obtained from buccal and palatal mucosa of patients with atrophic and erosive lichen planus. This investigation studied the morphological changes of the surface and cross sectional layer of oral lichen planus in ultrastructure. The results showed that the surface epithelia had many desquamative cells and disconnected microrugues. The round particles were diameter about 5-36 μ. with the red blood cells from the top layer which could not be identified with certainty. Some of them either invaded the epithelium or embedded into the center of the cells which showed various kinds of destruction epithelium at the nuclei. The cross-sectional specimens showed thickening keratosis, many lymphocytes, neutrophils, macrophages and unknown round particles in the lamina propria underneath the degenerative basal cells layer. This phenomenon might be a possible pathogenesis of oral lichen planus in which the round particle acted as an antigen invading the epithelium, destroying nucleus and dropping through the lamina propria.



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