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Vitamin C has some effects on the etiology of periodontal disease, however, it is still controver- sial. There are some studies demonstrated that high level of vitamin C was deposited in the high potential tissues. But there is almost no report about the gingival tissue which is expected to have high need of this vitamin. Therefore, the ascorbate concentration of 65 gingival biopsies and 27 plasma samples from 37 periodontal patients was assayed. Twenty five of nutritional records were also reviewed. The mean gingival ascorbate concentration was 10.32 ± 3.70 mg % which was approximately eight folds higher than plasma level, 1.36 ±0.5 mg %. The concentration of ascorbate was not significant difference between sex, or location of gingival tissue (anterior and posterior). However the gingival ascorbate level in patients with deep pocket >7 mm. lowered significantly than that in patients with shallower pocket, even this group had normal plasma level. These findings suggest high ascorbic acid requirement in the gingiva during the progress of periodontal disease, probably via collagen systhesis and leukocyte function.



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