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Background: University Hospitals in Thailand still have no responsible unit related to Workplace Innovation Management (WPIM) and First-Line Nurse Managers (FLNMs) are the key person of the organization, but today there is still a lack of knowledge on individual innovation and creativity in the workplace, especially in nursing organizations with the future practice of nursing in a technologically advanced future and keep up with modern society and digital technology transformation era. Objectives: To describe the definition and components of Workplace Innovation Management from First-Line Nurse Managers’ experiences in University Hospitals. Methods: Data were collected by in-depth interviews of FLNMs. Colaizzi’s method was used to analyze the data. Results: The finding revealed that the WIPM definitions perceived by FLNMs are process which stimulates systematic innovation related to the administration management and human resources in the organization in terms of information and communications technology, knowledge management process, job assignment, and workplace environment. Building up the strengths of each team member to reach their highest potential is a key aspect of effective management by allowing everyone to create new ideas to gain competitive advantage in order to achieve company goals. WPIM is divided into 6 main categories: 1) Workplace innovation planning; 2) Workplace innovation management for organizational development; 3) Workplace innovation for human resources management; 4) Workplace innovation in administration management; 5) Workplace innovation follow-up control; and, 6) Creating innovators. Informants are FLNMs total of 10 female gender, average age 51.10 years (range 43 - 58 years old), work experience i the management experience is 6.8 years. All informants hold a Master’s Degree and 90.0% having WPIM experience and 70.0% is a Workplace Innovation Committee. Conclusion: Finding from this study highlighted the need for comprehensive approach in WPIM especially, developing nurse innovator. In order to encourage WPIM effectively, the administrators should support and develop the effective strategies that promote WPIM of FLNMs.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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