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Background : Blood types are unique to each ethnic groups. In Thailand, Sikhsare one of established ethnic minorities. They are known to havecertain rare blood types which have not been systematicallystudied. Therefore, we studied nine blood group systems ofthe Sikh and Burmese blood donors in Bangkok, Thailand.Objectives : To assess the proportion of alleles of nine blood group antigensamong Thai Sikhs and Burmese blood donors.Materials and Methods : A total of 122 samples of Thai Sikhs blood donors at Sri GuruSingh Association Mobile Unit and 189 samples of the Burmeseand Mons blood donors at Jia Hong Garment Factory Mobile Unitwere tested for nine blood groups of antigen system includingRh (C, E, c, e), MNS (M, N, S, s), P (P1 and P2), Lewis (Lea andLeb), Kidd (Jka and Jkb), Duffy (Fya and Fyb), Kell (K and k) andDiego (Dia and Dib). For ABO and Rh(D) blood group system, dataof 1,597 Thai Sikhs and 189 the Burmese blood donors were takenfrom the National Blood Centre, Thai Red Cross Society’sdatabase.Results : Thai Sikhs blood donors have a higher proportion of Rh(D)negative (3.7%) than the Burmese ones (1.0%). Almost all ThaiSikhs blood donors are Rh(C) positive and Rh(e) positive. Similarly,most the Burmese blood donors are commonly Rh(C) positive(93.6%) and Rh(e) positive (97.4%). As for the MNS system, mostthe Burmese (96.3%) and all Thai Sikhs blood donors are Mia (-)and also both groups were predominantly M (+) and s (+). As forthe P blood group system, the predominant allele is P1 (63.1%) inThai Sikhs, and P2 (74.1%) in the Burmese blood donors. As forthe Duffy system, Fy (a+b+) is the most common allele amongthe Thai Sikhs blood donors (43.4%), while Fy (a+b-) is the mostcommon allele among the Burmese blood donors (77.2%). AlleleFy (a-b+) is common in the Thai Sikhs blood donors (21.3%) butrare in the Burmese (2.6%). The Kell antigen K (+) and Diegoantigen Dia (+), both are very rare in the Thai Sikhs andthe Burmese blood donors.Conclusion : The red cell antigen profiles of the Thai Sikhs blood donors aredifferent from the Burmese, Mons and Thais blood donors. Inadditional, Thai Sikhs blood donors have distinctively higherproportion of Rh negative, Fya(-), S(+), and K(+) but they areabsence of Mia (+) and Dia (+).


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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