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Background : In clinical practice, it is quite difficult to differentiate pathologicadrenal hyperplasia from normal adrenal gland enlargementespecially in the elderly. CT scan is so far the best technique todetect and measure the size of the glands. We, hereby, try toevaluate the volume of the adrenal gland through CT scan inseveral age groups of Thai people to identify its normal range.Objective : To establish age-specific ranges of the volume of a normaladrenal gland in adult patients by using CT scan.Setting : Department of Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, ChulalongkornUniversity.Research Design : Cross sectional descriptive study.Material and Methods : A total of 154 patients who underwent CT scan that includedbilateral adrenal glands from September 2012 to March 2013were prospectively selected on a 320-MDCT scanner, usingKCMH CT protocol. The volumes of the adrenal glands weretaken bilaterally, by hand outlining in axial post contrast imageon workstation.Results : In total, 154 patients who underwent CT scan that includedadrenal glands were included in this study; 81 men, 73 women;mean age, 62 years. The right and left adrenal gland volumesincreased with age (r = 0.485, and 0.381, respectively in malepopulation and r = 0.572, and 0.441, respectively in femalepopulation, all P <0.001). The volume of adrenal glands wereincreased in male population as compared to female population,scientific significant P <0.001.Conclusion : Normal range of adrenal volume in Thai populations was doneby CT scan and confirmed that adrenal volume gland volumesincrease by age and more larger in male population in the sameage group.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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