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Background : Drug transporters including ABCC2, ABCC4, ABCC10 and SLC22A6play important roles in regulating physiologic solute and fluid balancein the cell. They also involve in drug delivery into the organs.Therefore, genetic variations of these transporters may influencethe pharmacokinetics of drugs and major pharmacological activemetabolites. The information of transporter gene polymorphisms canbe useful as guidance for the study of the association between geneticvariations and pharmacokinetics of drugs.Objective : To determine the allele frequency of ABCC2, ABCC4, ABCC10 andSLC22A6 in Thai HIV - infected patients.Research design : Cross-sectional study.Setting : The HIV Netherlands Australia Thailand Research Collaboration (HIVNAT),Bangkok, Thailand.Patients : The study enrolled 400 Thai HIV - infected patients from the HIV - NATfrom January 1st to September 1st, 2012.Methods : Nine single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) includingABCC2-24C>T; 1249G>A; 3563T>A; 3972C>T, ABCC4 3463A>G;4131T>G, ABCC10 526G>A; 2759T>C and SLC22A6 728G>A wereinvestigated. The genotyping was performed by Taqman allelicdiscrimination assays with fluorogenic probes. All reactions wereanalyzed by Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR System.The deviation of polymorphisms according to Hardy-Weinbergequilibrium was tested using Chi-square test. The comparisons ofthe allele frequencies between Thai and other populations wereperformed using Chi-square tests.Results : The allele frequencies of ABCC2 -24C>T; 1249G>A; 3563T>A;3972C>T, ABCC4 3463A>G; 4131T>G, ABCC10 526G>A and 2759T>Cin this population were 21.8%, 7.8%, 0.1%, 24.9%, 19.8%, 49.2%, 51%and 7.1%, respectively. The polymorphism of SLC22A6 728G>A wasnot found in this population.Conclusion : The prevalence of the polymorphisms examined in this study wassimilar to those observed among Asian populations. However, theywere different from the Caucasian and African populations.The influence of these polymorphisms on pharmacokinetics requiresfurther investigation.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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