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Background : Myofascial pain syndrome (MFPS) diagnosed in modern medicine and lomplaipattakad in Thai traditional medicine are similar in case of definition. However, there has been no empirical study to examine similarities and differences between these two conditions. Objective : To compare general and clinical characteristics of MFPS and lomplaipattakad. Design : A cross - sectional descriptive study. Setting : Thai Traditional Medicine Clinic, Suratthani Hospital. Materials and Methods : Two hundreds and seventy-three patients were recruited. Demographic data, Thai Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale and WHO Quality of life were collected using standardized questionnaires. The diagnoses of MFPS and lomplaipattakad were extracted from patients medical records. Results : There were no statistically significant differences in demographics, anxiety, depression and quality of life, between MFPS and lomplaipattkad. In comparison, MFPS and lomplaipattkad were more likely to be in those with 55 years or younger; and with moderate or low physical aspects of QOL than other diagnostic groups. Conclusion : Myofascial pain syndrome in modern medicine and lomplaipattakad in Thai traditional medicine are highly similar in various characteristics.



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