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Background : Rules prescribed in the National Education Act of 2542 BE specify thatevery school must provide inclusive education for learning disabledstudents. Practices in order to comply with the Act and related ruleswithout sufficient readiness may have stress effects on the workplaceespecially teachers who lack knowledge and skills to provide sucheducation for this special group of students.Objective : To study the levels of stress and associated factors among Teachers whoteach learning disabled kindergartners and elementary students in schoolsunder the supervision of the Office of Private Education Commission inBangkok Metropolitan.Design : A cross – sectional descriptive study.Setting : Schools under a supervision of the Office of Private Education Commissionin Bangkok Metropolitan.Materials and : Data were collected from 202 teachers who teach learning disabledMethod : kindergartners and elementary students. Self-report questionnairesincluded; 1)general personal background information questionnaire;2) work related factors questionnaire, e.g., teaching informationquestionnaire and workload & responsibilities questionnaire; 3) relationshipwith bosses and colleagues questionnaire; and 4) 41 Stress questionnairesbased on Tossapol’s model All these were completed by the subjects.Univariate analysis (e.g. Chi-Square test) were used to examine associatedfactors related to stress and multivariate analysis was used to determinepredictors of stress among this group of teachers.Results : The result of the study shows that the majority of the samples had lowstress (51.0%). Factors that statistically significantly associated with stressof monthly personal and monthly family incomes, training attendance, alllevels of instruction, English teaching (to learning disabled and normalstudents), mathematics teaching in learning disabled and normal studentsintegrated class, teaching learning-disabled students who were delayedin speech and language disorder and autistic, work burden, relationshipwith bosses, and relationship with colleagues. Multivariate analysis revealed5 factors significantly associated with stress ;: monthly income, trainingattendances, English teaching (to normal students), teaching learningdisabledstudents (speech and language disorder) and relationship withcolleagues.Conclusion : Teachers who teach learning disabled kindergartners and elementarystudents in schools under the supervision of the Office of Private EducationCommission in Bangkok have a low level of stress. Knowing the risk factorswill help education personnel identify high-risk groups and provideappropriate assistance.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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