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Introduction : Computed tomography (CT) has been frequently supplemented tostage intrathoracic disease, monitor response to treatment, evaluaterecurrence, and diagnose complications. Geographic variations inthe incidence of malignant lymphoma are well documented. However,there is no radiologic study of intrathoracic disease of lymphoma inThailand.Objective : To describe intrathoracic diseases of both Hodgkin disease (HD)and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) demonstrated on CT.Setting : King Chulalongkorn Memorial HospitalResearch design : A retrospective studyPatients : Lymphoma patients who obtained chest CT as an initial staging inbetween January and December 2003.Methods : We reviewed chest CT obtained as an initial staging within 1 montheither before or after diagnosis of lymphoma patients. Each chestCT was reviewed by a chest radiologist.Results : A total of 62 patients of lymphoma met inclusion criteria (39 men,23 women; mean age, 46.6 years); 9 were HD and 53 were NHL.Intrathoracic diseases were present in 6 of 9 patients with HD andin 38 of 53 patients of NHL. In HD, 5 had enlarged nodes; 1 hadlung involvement; 3 had pleural effusions; 2 had pericardial effusion,and one had distant bone lesion. In NHL, 30 had enlarged nodes;4 had lung involvement; 28 had pleural abnormalities; 6 hadpericardial effusion; 1 had cardiac involvement and distant bonelesion each.Conclusions : The incidence of intrathoracic involvement of HD and NHL isapproximately 70% and the most common intrathoracic manifestationis nodal enlargement. The most common nodal group involved inHD is anterior mediastinal group whereas in NHL is paratrachealgroup.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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