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Objective : The aim was to evaluate the treatment outcome of stage Ic clear cellcarcinoma of the ovary compared to that of non-clear cell carcinoma ofthe same stage.Methods : Having searched the tumor registry database of the Department of Obstetricsand Gynecology, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital from June 1997-December 2002, we enrolled all patients with stage Ic (according to FIGOstaging criteria) clear cell carcinoma who underwent complete surgicalstaging procedure. Patients with non-clear cell adenocarcinoma of the ovarywere enrolled by the same criteria as control group. They all received postoperativeadjuvant chemotherapy with single-agent platinum based regimen.The clinical characteristics, survival time, and recurrence free survival ofboth groups were compared.Result : A total of 56 patients with stage Ic carcinoma of the ovary were recruitedinto this study. The mean age was 50 years (36 - 86 years old) in bothgroups. The median follow-up duration in the clear cell and non-clear cellgroups were 61 months (5 - 120 months) and 67 months (15 -103 months),respectively.The mean tumor diameter in the clear cell group was significantlylarger than that of the control group (12.96 vs. 9.89 cm; P-value = 0.001).Other clinical characteristics of the two groups were similar.The recurrence rate of the clear cell and non-clear cell groups were46.4% vs. 14.2% (P = 0.004) and the median time to recurrence were 10.5months (2 – 35 months) vs. 8 months (3 - 28 months), respectively. Theestimated 5-year survival for the clear cell group was significantly lower thanthat of the non-clear cell (53.6% vs. 85.7%; P-value = 0.01).Conclusion : Clear cell carcinoma of the ovary stage Ic have lower 5-year survival rateand recurrence free survival than that of the patients with non-clear cellepithelial ovarian carcinoma in the same stage. Combined chemotherapymay be needed to improve the survival of patients in stage Ic clear cellovarian cancer.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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